Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD



G’day, mate! We’ve got some ripper news for all you gamers down under. If you’re after a gaming experience that’s faster than a kangaroo on a sugar rush, then you better pay attention. We’ve got the lowdown on the Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD, and it’s an absolute beauty!

Mate, What’s the Deal with SSDs These Days?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s chat about SSDs. These little beauties are all the rage worldwide, and they’ve got prices shooting up like fireworks on New Year’s Eve. But worry not, because the Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD is here to save the day.

The Down Under Tech Review

We’ve had the pleasure of getting our hands on this dinky-di SSD from Kingsman Gaming, and let us tell you, it’s a real cracker. Made right here in Taiwan, this SSD is all about giving you bang for your buck.

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Speed Time

This SSD is like a turbocharged ute on the tech highway. With a MAXIO MAP1602 controller and speedy 232 Layers 3D TLC NAND chips that run at a blistering 2400MT/s, you’re looking at 7,400MB/s read and 6,600MB/s write speeds. Mate, that’s faster than a Formula 1 car on a straight stretch!

DRAMless, But Not Clueless

Now, you might be thinking, “What’s the deal with DRAMless design?” Well, this SSD might not have a DRAM cache, but it’s got NVMe 2.0 and Host Memory Buffers (HMB) tech that’ll make your gaming experience smoother than a cold beer on a hot day. With 4K random read/write speeds hitting over 800,000 IOPS, you won’t even have time to blink.

Made in Taiwan, Mate!

Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD is a real Aussie at heart. It’s made in Taiwan, and it’s got that Made in Taiwan charm. You can even see the SSD through a transparent window on the box – it’s like peering into the future of gaming!

Faster Than a Roo on Steroids

This SSD fits into an M.2 2280 form factor and runs on a PCI Express 4.0 x4 interface. It’s got 4TB of storage capacity, which means you can store more games than you can count kangaroos in the Outback.

Meet the MAXIO MAP1602A Gen 4 Controller

The MAXIO MAP1602A Gen 4 controller is a real ripper. It’s the first controller that supports NVMe 2.0, and it’s got speeds that’ll make your head spin. Plus, it’s so efficient it sips power like it’s having a cuppa.

Yankee Doodle NAND

Now, here’s the real kicker – it’s got NAND chips from Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC). These are the real deal, 4th-gen 3D TLC NAND chips that run at 2,400MT/s. That’s a 50% boost in IOPS performance compared to the previous generation, and it’s 25% more power-efficient.

DRAM Cache – Not Just for Show

You might be wondering about that DRAM cache. Well, it’s not just for show. It’s like having a secret stash of Tim Tams. It helps with IOPS performance, garbage collection, and wear leveling. Without it, things can get slower than a snail on a go-slow day.

HMB – The Secret Sauce

But wait, there’s more! NVMe 2.0 brought along Host Memory Buffer (HMB) tech. In Windows 10/11, it borrows a bit of your system memory to make things even snappier. It’s like adding an extra turbo boost to your rig.

Performance that’ll Make You Say “Crikey!”

Now, let’s talk performance. We ran this bad boy through some tests, and it’s as fast as a cheetah with a rocket strapped to its back.

  • ATTO Disk Benchmark? 6.65GB/s read and 6.01GB/s write.
  • CrystalDiskMark? Over 7,400 MB/s read and 6,600 MB/s write.
  • AS SSD Benchmark? A score of 8,884. That’s higher than a kangaroo’s jump!
  • Anvil’s Storage Utilities? IOPS performance through the roof!
  • PCMark 10? Blazing fast, mate!
  • 3DMark Storage? Game on!

The Price Tag

Now, let’s talk dollars and cents. The Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD will set you back AUD$310. It’s a bargain considering the performance you’re getting.

In a Nutshell

So, there you have it, folks! The Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD is the real deal. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s got more storage than you can shake a didgeridoo at. If you’re looking to level up your gaming experience, this SSD is the way to go. Don’t wait too long though – these beauties are flying off the shelves faster than a boomerang!

Where to Get It

If you’re keen on getting your hands on one of these beauties, you can reach out to Rivia Technology at 3957-0816. They’ll hook you up faster than a barbie on Australia Day!

So, what are you waiting for, cobber? Get yourself a Kingsman Gaming KE680 4TB Gen4 SSD and experience gaming like never before. Cheers, and happy gaming!