The Equalizer 3



Welcome, movie buffs and action enthusiasts! Today, we’ve got a thrilling cinematic gem to explore, “The Equalizer 3.” But before we dive into Denzel Washington’s latest masterpiece, we’d like to tip our hats to our sponsor, Private Internet Access, for keeping our online world safe and secure. Now, let’s talk about Denzel’s triumphant return to the big screen.

Denzel’s Comeback

Denzel Washington, the man, the myth, the legend, is back, and he’s better than ever in “The Equalizer 3.” It’s the third and possibly final chapter of this epic trilogy, but don’t let that “final” label fool you. Denzel’s character is not your average retiree; he’s seeking a quiet life in a picturesque Italian town. However, beneath the tranquil surface, a storm is brewing. Organized crime scumbags are terrorizing the citizens, and Denzel’s character is about to unleash his unique brand of justice.

Denzel, the Unbeatable Pro

Denzel Washington carries this movie with the same grace and intensity that has defined his career. It’s impossible to find a role where he phones it in – this man is a total professional. In “The Equalizer 3,” he embodies a character who just wants to enjoy his retirement, urging the baddies to steer clear and spare themselves the reckoning. Denzel’s portrayal is profound, and you can genuinely sense the joy, happiness, and newfound peace in his character’s life.

A Slow Burn Worth the Wait

While “The Equalizer 3” may not kick off with non-stop action, the slow-burning first half serves a purpose. It takes its time to introduce you to the town, the people, and the sense of community that Denzel’s character has come to cherish. You might not even remember all the character names (who does, right?), but that doesn’t diminish the sense of camaraderie. The deliberate pacing of the film pays off when the conflict inevitably rears its ugly head.

Supporting Cast and Snappy Dialogue

Dakota Fanning makes an appearance in the film, but it feels like her character is there to pad the runtime. She’s an element that doesn’t quite fit seamlessly into the narrative. However, the film shines with snappy dialogue and witty comebacks, which add an extra layer of enjoyment alongside the action.

The Big Baddie

The film’s one downside is the late introduction of the primary antagonist. By the time the big bad finally shows up, you’ve spent most of the film dealing with street-level villains. The delay in the antagonist’s arrival might leave you wanting a bit more from the final act.


“The Equalizer 3” is not another “John Wick.” It’s a different beast altogether, offering a slow-burning experience with a purpose. Don’t expect relentless action from start to finish. Instead, prepare to be captivated by the community, the character development, and Denzel Washington’s mesmerizing performance.

In the end, “The Equalizer 3” delivers a compelling narrative, Denzel’s trademark excellence, and some memorable banter, making it a movie worth watching.